Confucius say "Mahjong takes skill, strategy, and luck, not all Mahjong is solvable."

The goal of this game is to remove all tiles from the desk by matching them and following basic rules:

Scoring for the game is easy. First, by removing a pair of tiles You will get points according the table below.
Then, in next turn if You remove the same kind of tile, points are doubled!
For fast thinkers we will triple the points, if the move is made within magic 7 seconds.
Here are the tiles in this game and points aasigned to each type:

Disc (1 point) discs
Bamboo (2 points) bamboo
Numbers (3 points) numbers
Winds (4 points) winds
Seasons (5 points) seasons
Flowers (6 points) flowers
Dragons (7 points) dragons
Note: To play in fullscreen and enjoy the game add this site to homescreen..
We wish You Good Luck!